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Katy Merchant ServicesLooking for the best Katy Merchant Services? Have you had enough of people paying for your goods with a fraudulent credit card? Are those transactions wasting your time and costing you money? We are one of the leading Merchant Processor Services in the country (last year we processed 25 million different transactions in the USA.) With the recent arrival of EMV (Euro MasterCard Visa) we are now able to protect your business and transactions.

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Katy Merchant Services

Katy Payment Protection Done Properly

EMV is an initiative and process that has been operating across the world since 1993. The system involves placing a chip on every credit card, which then makes the card almost impossible to copy or clone. This system has had dramatic success in other parts of the world and is now being rolled our across the United States. Our Katy Merchant Services Company Mainstream are at the cutting edge of this technology and we are perfectly placed to advise, install or upgrade your systems to take advantage of this security breakthrough. EMV is just one of the many things we deal with which include

  • Apple Pay Katy
  •  Katy Check Processing
  •  Katy Gift Card Programs
  • Katy Merchant Card Advance
  • Online Reporting Katy
  • PCI Security and Fraud Prevention Katy
  • Credit Card Terminals Katy
  • Katy Revel iPad POS Solution
  • Katy Wireless Terminals

Whatever Payment System You Want To Use We Can Provide And Support It

One of the most important secrets to a successful business is lowering the barriers for people to buy. By providing new and innovative ways to pay quickly Mainstream can help your business to grow. Studies show that when offered the option of paying by card customers are likely to spend significantly more than when paying by cash. By using our cutting edge secure payment methods, you can take advantage of this knowledge and remove another barrier from the sale process.

We Make The Entire Process Simple From Start To Finish

Our friendly sales and customer service teams can talk you through the various options available to your business, and advise you on what they believe to be the best options available to you. Once you have decided on your system of choice we will install everything required with the minimum of fuss and disruption, and we will train and teach your staff on how to operate the new system.

We believe in building long and sustainable relationships with our clients, and will do everything possible to assist you in running your payment processing services. We have been in business for a long time and have the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to make sure all of our customers are properly catered for. In the unlikely event that a problem arises we will step in and solve it for you as a matter of urgency. Our priority is to ensure that your payment processing systems are running perfectly and helping your business to develop and grow. If you want any further information or need to discuss your needs, then get in contact with our office and we will be happy to assist.