Katy Dog Training Service

Do you need a calm, patient and knowledgeable Katy Dog Training Service? Is your dog constantly making mistakes, barking continually or destroying your possessions?Katy Dog Training Service

We are a local Dog Training Service who have many years of experience and knowledge in training dogs regardless of the behavior problems they are displaying. We assess each dog individually and then work with that dog to rectify and correct it’s bad behavior. We are skilled practitioners and have seen and dealt with every dog behavioral problem you can think of. Stop letting your beloved dog’s problems control your life. Take charge and in a matter of weeks both you and your dog will have a much happier and healthier relationship.

Shelmar Kennels

28028 Beckendorff Rd.
Katy, TX 77493

Tel: 281 371 2554

Shelmar Kennels

Your Dog Training Needs Are In Good Hands

Everyone who works at our company is dog obsessed.. That includes our friendly customer service team, the maintenance staff and of course the dog trainers themselves. Our sole aim is to solve your dog’s issues quickly and permanently. This is done by using a mixture of methods, a rewards system and some fun and games for the dog. We offer many different services including

  • Katy Dog Behavior Training
  • Katy On Leash Commands
  •  Dog and Human Socialization Katy
  • Dog House Manners Katy
  • Dog Potty TrainingKaty
  • Katy Staying Off Furniture Training
  • Katy Distraction Training
  • Katy No Barking Quiet Dog Training


Local Katy Trusted Dog Training Service

When we train your dog with us we totally understand the faith and trust you are placing in our Katy Dog Training Service. We do not take that responsibility lightly and do everything in our power to ensure you dog enjoys the experience, while learning on a daily basis. We have gained a reputation in the local area for being the premier Dog Training Service and that is a reputation we are very proud. We have been training dogs for over 20 years and our trainers are still as keen and enthusiastic today as they were when they started. It is this special mixture of knowledge, enthusiasm and first class facilities that makes us the perfect dog training service to teach your dog properly.

Have The Dog You Dream Of

We will treat your dog as if it was one of our own. Any dog that is trained by us is treated as one of the family, made to feel welcome and given a lot of love and attention. We want you to be confident, and inspired by our training staff and facilities. In fact we strongly encourage you to come and visit our premises and meet our staff in person as it enables us to demonstrate our training methods and show you all of our facilities. Once you have seen the premises we are confident that you will be excited to bring your dog to us for training. This small investment will give you, your family and your dog a long and happy life together free from any worries or concerns about your dog’s behavior.