Live In Katy TX

Looking to live in Katy TX?  Katy is a grass roots small city with a growing population located close to the Houston metropolitan area. It still incorporates its traditional small town feel, with its farming history and friendly neighborhoods.

Although Katy’s population was only 800 in the 1940’s, it has grown immensely while enjoying the benefits of big city life in its nearby shopping centers, such as the Katy Mills Mall and the Villagio Town Center, and easy access to the main city of Houston. If Katy feels like it might be the spot on the globe that suits you best, then check out our list of the Top 5 Places to Live in Katy, TX:

Kelliwood Greens

Homes at Kelliwood Greens marry traditional architectural looks with a sumptuous, grand appearance. Spacious and sprawling are the Kelliwood Greenswords of the day – well, isn’t everything bigger in Texas anyway? But that typical all-American home look hasn’t been lost in the process for those wanting to live in Katy!
live in Katy


Homeowners at Kelliwood Greens enjoy many other things on a bigger / better scale also! As can be guessed by the name of the place, there is a golf course which is the envy of the neighboring suburbs, plus lush green community parks nearby. Clubhouse conveniences include a swimming pool, perfect for sweltering hot summer days, a spa, and a public gym for residents.

Most homes feature backyard amenities such spacious patios big enough for parties as large as you could want them, fire pits, barbeque areas, and neatly kept gardens with mature trees.

To find out more, check out Homes for Sale in Kelliwood Greens.

Avalon at Seven Meadows

This upscale 21st century suburb combines a relish of cool beachy Mediterranean style with a warm, welcoming, gated community.

Avalon at Seven Meadows

Residents that live in Katy here enjoy beautiful landscaped features, including watery ones such as azure lakes and singing fountains that keep you cool just by looking at them! Walking, biking, and hiking paths interweave across park lands and community grounds. The suburb incorporates both an 18-hole Greg Norman signature golf course, the Meadowbrook Farms Golf Course, and a 6-acre recreation area, both within short, easy distances from the homes. Many of the houses back onto features such as the golf course, a sky-blue lake, or a landscaped park.

Home gardens tend to be charmingly designed according to the classic Mediterranean look: tossing palm trees, cool, lush grass, stone paths, sparkling blue inviting pools. If you find Texan summers trying on your nerves, then maybe Avalon at Seven Meadows is the perfect place to relax and chill out!

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Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch

Beautiful brick American homes, classic traditional garden landscaping with shady trees and smooth flat verdant green lawns, and all the amenities of a complete archetypal little town make Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch a movie-perfect American neighborhood.

Cinco ranch

Residents that live in Katy here share extensive beautifully landscaped common areas, such as two state-of-the-art pools, one for adults and one for kids, and a 5-acre recreation park with 4 pavilions fully equipped with well-maintained picnic tables and barbeque grills. On top of that, if any resident at the ranch is into sports, he or she enjoys a tennis court and a basketball court, (both provided with full flood lights for the evening), a baseball field, a football field, and a volleyball court, all surrounded by professionally well-kept greenery and landscaping. Or, if that particular resident prefers to get in the day’s exercise alone just enjoying the peace and quiet, there are widespread walking and biking trails throughout the complex.

The charming club house makes the perfect place to stop and enjoy the tranquillity, so it’s a handy thing it can be rented out for weddings and parties.

Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch is gated and guarded 24/7, so you know the folks there get a good night’s sleep, safe and sound.

To learn more about the Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch lifestyle, check out Homes for Sale in Canyon Gate Cinco Ranch.

Lake Pointe Estates

Rambling fertile lawns typically an acre or more, luxurious traditional style houses, gated and guarded community – Welcome to Lake Pointe Estates!

lake pointe estates

What gives this unique community its special feel is the expansive grounds allotted to each home and the 20-acre lake at the heart of the suburb. Many of the houses’ private lands go right down to the water, and are equipped with private piers and boat docks.  Each home in Lake Pointe Estates is custom built, and the number of dwellings has been limited to retain a wide open country atmosphere where nature can be savored to its fullest, no question a great place to live in Katy.

Homes usually have their own landscaped pools and spacious, beautifully kept properties, while everyone can make use of the picturesque lake for a perfect day boating or water-skiing. While Lake Pointe Estates homes look like they could be in the middle of the peaceful countryside, they are minutes’ drive away from all the bonuses of city life, only 2 miles south of Interstate 10 and a short commute to the Energy Corridor. Get the best of both worlds!

If a luxurious life on the lake sounds tempting for you, check out Homes for Sale in Lake Pointe Estates.

Parklake Village

Parklake Village offers a modern, aesthetic feel that’s both empowering and energizing. Each of its custom built luxury mansions is an architectural masterpiece, some with a strongly accentuated modern art feel, some with a more conservative traditional bent, some with a daring combination of both. Unite huge spaces with exotic exploration of angles and bends, and you have a home that is the epitome of contemporary progressiveness.

Park lake estates

Typical in-home additions are stunning views, huge private pools, and massive outdoor kitchen areas. These homes are expansive, with 5 or 6 bedrooms being the norm. The community is planned around the scenic nearby lake, many houses being waterfront properties decked out with private piers and docks. The land lies adjacent to the George Bush Park with frequent access to the park from the private backyards. So if you have pets or like long walks this is a great place to live in katy.  The village is also gated and guarded 24/7.

If you want a luxury millionaire-style home in a prestigious yet welcoming community, removed from the bustle of city life and yet only minutes’ away from its amenities, then Parklake Village might be the exact retreat you’re looking for.

Check out what is selling at Homes for Sale in Parklake Village.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Living in Katy, TX?

According to statistics, Katy residents experience a number of benefits that not everybody in the Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown metropolis have. While enjoying a low, small-town equivalent cost of living, they still have all the big-town stuff close by, including a variety of unusual gourmet restaurants and an active nightlife.

The average commute time for Katy folks is a mere 1/2 hour, minimal in comparison to that of other bustling metropolises. Neighborhoods are known to be kid-friendly and pro-family, with the city having one of the highest rated and most successful school districts in the Houston area.

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