Moving Home Yourself Requires Extensive Planning And Preparation

So you have made the very wise decision to move to Katy Texas. A great way of saving some money is to move yourself to Katy, but in order to make this a wise choice there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration.

Moving home is not something that you can leave to the last minute, and there are plenty of tips and tricks you should be aware of. In order to assist you with the move we have out together a little summary of those tips. We firmly believe that these tips for moving yourself to Katy will significantly ease the stress on the big day.

Moving to Katy

Be Brutal

Whenever you are moving home, you are presented with the perfect opportunity to declutter, and this is the perfect time to do it. Be honest with yourself, if you had forgotten that you even owned that item of clothing, or will never read that book again, then take it to the charity shop. There is absolutely no point in moving those items to your new home in Katy for them to gather dust again there. You will be amazed at how much pointless rubbish you have been keeping over the years.

Start Your Packing About Six To Eight Weeks In Advance

Little and often is the trick when you are packing. Start the process nice and early, and take into account the time of year. If it is the middle of summer, then pack up all your winter clothes and blankets, as it is unlikely that you will use those again before the move. As it gets closer to the moving date, pack up more and more things, but in reverse order, leaving the everyday essentials until the very last minute. Write on the outside of every box, the room that box belongs to and a brief description of what is inside the box. That way you can easily open first only the important boxes when you get to Katy.

Organisation Is Essential

Another excellent idea is to use different colored packing tape, to identify quickly and easily which room a certain box belongs to. Number the boxes 1 to 25 or however many boxes you have, and write down a brief list of what is in each box.

This will then let you check the boxes out as you leave, and check them in at your destination. If one does happen to go missing, your checklist will be able to tell you quickly and easily what is missing.

In much the same way as an expectant mother has an overnight bag packed and ready, ensure you have one for the move. This might have coffee, powdered milk, and even some spare cash, just in case of an emergency. Being this prepared will give you a lot more confidence and remove the stress on the big day.

Don’t Waste Money Use Items You Already Have Wisely

It is all too easy to buy lots of packing materials and cardboard boxes, but before you go anywhere near the store, consider what you already have. Clothes that are on hangers can be bundled together in one or two heavy duty waste bags, with the hooks of the hangers being tied together to give you a grip.

Other clothes can be left in your individual drawers and then carried out to your car. If you have suitcases, pack them full to the brim with clothing or other items that need to be moved. Not only will this save you money, but it is also much kinder to the environment.

Liquids and Cosmetics

During any move a leaking bottle of liquid can cause a lot of damage, and expense. For gels, aftershave and perfumes, remove the lids and seal the container with plastic wrap, before replacing the lids. At least then if the lids get knocked a little, and loosened, nothing will leak.

Prevent Damage

Help Prevent Damages To Your Fragile Items

It goes without saying that you want to prevent any of your fragile items from being broken during the move. By using your towels, dish cloths and clothes to wrap your fragile items in you can actually protect the fragile items and incorporate moving the towels etc at the same time. This will also save you money buying extra packing materials, which is then even more to move.

When packing platers, try and pack them upright, in much the same way as they are stacked in the dishwasher. When packed like this they are much less likely to break.

Electronic Tips

If your home is anything like mine it will be full to overflowing with electronic gadgetry. As you unplug each item stick the power cable to that item, so that it doesn’t get lost, and there is no confusion over which cable belongs to which piece of equipment.

Take photos with your smartphone, that clearly shows you which cable fits where, as this will assist you with putting everything back together at the other end.

Don’t Overload Any One Box

When packing each box stick to a weight limit of about 30 pounds. You don’t want to damage your back when moving, so it is much better to split the weight into two lighter boxes, that struggle and overfill one box. A good way to achieve this is to pack heavy items in the small boxes, and lighter items in the bigger box.

When Loading The Vehicle Ensure Heavy Boxes Go On The Bottom

This may seem rather obvious, but it is always worth remembering, especially in the stress of the day. The last thing you want to do is place a box of heavy books on a box of cups and plates, but it has and does regularly happen in house moves.

Finally try and enlist the help of your friends and family on the day. Moving home is physically and mentally very draining, so the more help you get the easier it will be. Hopefully you will have learned some valuable tips, which you can put into practice when moving yourself to Katy.